Goodbye, Rebel Blue



I loved this book so much! I have to go buy my own copy soon. Reading this book will be like going on a roller coaster of emotions. It’s one of those special books that you have to own a copy of.
Rebecca (a.k.a. Rebel) Blue meets Kennedy Green during detention. Kennedy, who ends up getting Rebecca annoyed because she was rambling on and on about faith and dying (because of their detention assignment), ends up dying soon afterwards.
After hearing the news of Kennedy’s death, Rebel goes back to the detention classroom to retrieve Kennedy’s bucket list (the assignment for yesterday’s detention). Rebel decides to fulfill Kennedy’s wishlist ( the spoiler is in white, so just highlight over it). because her cousin Pen said that Rebel wasn’t “nice” enough to fulfill it.
Overall, I just loved the different characters (especially Macey) and the plot of the story. I really want to read more of Coriell’s works now.

Rating: 5 stars.


Your thoughts?

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