Review: Digital Me


Title – Digital Me

Author – J M Varner

Series – Squirrel Hill High, #1


Megan doesn’t want to lose her best friend Sara, her closest companion at Squirrel Hill High, but Sara’s new popularity on the social network “Digital Me” threatens to tear them apart.

Sara wants to Connect with Squirrel Hill High’s most popular guy, Josh, on “Digital Me,” but in the digital world, not everything’s as it seems.

Jaron wants to hack into “Digital Me” to prove his worth to the global hacker community, but living in Russia leaves him blocked behind a digital iron curtain.

“Digital Me” — Where these three lives collide in a way that’s only possible in the brave new digital world.

My Review:

***I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***
‘Digital Me’ follows the story of three teenagers, Sara, Megan & Jaron. It is a very interesting read, albeit a short one. It is quite a fast read. I really enjoyed it, and read it within a few hours. 
Nowadays, kids are addicted to the online world, and sites like Facebook and Twitter. There is a new app released, and it is Digital Me, which Sara Parker is very excited for. However, her best friend, Megan, is not so excited, as she is afraid that she might lose her best friend to the online world. Sara ignores Megan’s warnings, and soon gets immersed in Digital Me, and begins to ignore her friend. Megan tries in vain to warn her, but her words fall to deaf ears.
This is a really good book. It is very meaningful. It is written in a simple manner, nothing very extravagant. The pacing of the story is also good. The title of the book is appropriate, and the cover is also quite good. The plot is also very interesting, yet I wanted to know what actually would have happened in the end.
The characters aren’t my favorite part of the story as they didn’t interest me much. My attention, most of the time, was focused on the plot. They were nice, I guess, but I didn’t connect much with them. Sara, who, at times, took very rash decisions, matures by the end of the book. Megan is the nerdy best friend seen in most of the books, who tries to help Sara, but Sara ignores her. Leo was one of the characters whom I liked the most in this book. I am not a fan of Jaron, enough said.
Overall, this is a great book, and I give it 3.5 stars. I’m looking forward to the next installment in this series, Mister Teacher Person 😀


Your thoughts?

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