Review – Aerenden: The Child Returns



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Title –  Aerenden: The Child Returns

Author –  Kristen Taber

Series –  Aerenden, #1


Seventeen-year-old Meaghan has no idea her perfect life has been a lie — until she witnesses her parents’ brutal murders at the hands of red-eyed creatures.

After nearly sharing their fate, she escapes with her best friend, Nick, who tells her the creatures are called Mardróch. They come from another world, and so does she. Now that the Mardróch have found her, she must return to her homeland of Ærenden or face death.

Left with little choice, she follows Nick into a strange world both similar to Earth and drastically different. Vines have the ability to attack. Monkeys freeze their victims with a glare. Men create bombs from thin air. Even Meaghan’s newly discovered empath power turns into a danger she cannot control.

But control becomes the least of her worries once the Mardróch begin targeting her. When Nick confesses he knows the reason they want her, she learns the truth behind the kingdom’s fifteen-year civil war — a long-buried secret that could cost Meaghan her life.

My Review:

***I received this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. ***
There might be some spoilers, so be careful!

‘Aerenden : The Child Returns’ follows the story of Meaghan as her parents are murdered, her best friend tells her that he is her guardian, and she is thrust into a whole new world and is proclaimed as their queen.

The cover: Hmm, I guess it is pretty. I think the Mardroch are displayed on the cover. You could have kept something else on the cover to make it more shiny or attractive and stuff.

The Protagonist : Is a girl called Meaghan. She is one of the toughest lead characters I have read about. Her life, literally, is like a roller coaster. She faces so many ups and downs, I am sure I would have given up hope in her place. She manages to overcome all of those obstacles. She is great.

The Love Interest: Is one of your typical Cassandra Clare heroes, the I-cant-be-with-you-just-because-I-have-to-protect-you ones. His name is Nick and he is her best friend. He is the one who takes Meaghan to Aerenden, tells her everything about the world and explains her duties as queen. He is also her guardian. Overall, he is also great.

The Style of Writing: The book was written in a kind of historic way. It was not written in the usual style. It irritated me at times, but overall it provided a nice touch to this wonderful book.

I really liked this book. I will definitely look forward to reading the sequel.
Thank you Kristen, for giving me a free copy of this book!
Loved it 😀


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