Countdown Survey

countdown survey Christy and Erica @ Novel Ink have an awesome survey up for New Year’s Eve! Go and check out their blog, it’s awesome πŸ˜€ Without further ado, here’s the survey( A lot of books are repeated constantly, please excuse me ):

10- 2015 Books You’re Excited About

In no particular order:
Desktop A Court of Thorns and Roses || An Ember in the Ashes || Crimson Bound || All The Bright Places || Red Queen || Liars Inc. || Mosquitoland || Valiant || Book Scavenger || The Ruby Circle

9- Favorite Books of 2014

Code Name Verity – I looved it. Trust me, I never read historical war stuff, even the world wars, but I loved this one.
The Screaming Staircase – This book was SO GOOD. It isn’t as popular as I want to be, but seriously everyone, you’ve got to read it.
Throne of Glass – If you haven’t read this yet, then what in the world are you doing here? Go read it right now.
If I Stay – Goodness, what an awesome read this was.
On The Fence -I officially am in love with Kasie West’s writing.
Cress – I knew this was going to be awesome, just like Cinder and Scarlet.
Heir of Fire – I knew this was going to be epic too.
Me Before You – Heartbreaking stuff, I tell you.

8- Books You Never Wanted to End

On The Fence – Such a sweet read.
Blood of Olympus – I can’t believe my beloved series ended 😦
The Hero of Ages – Brandon Sanderson, I bow to you.
Dreams of Gods and Monsters – Such a big book, this one. But I enjoyed every moment.
The Distance Between Us – I love everything Kasie has written and this book is no exception.
Cruel Beauty – Hodge blew my mind away with this one.
Forever Princess – The Princess Diaries were the first contemporary books I’ve ever read and needless to say I was sad when they ended πŸ˜₯

7- Books You’ll Re-Read

6- Series You Need To Finish

Graceling – I read Graceling in the beginning of this year, and fell in love with it. Can’t wait to read Fire and Bitterblue!
The Screaming Staircase – I own a copy of this book. Anyone who knows me well will certainly know that I procrastinate a lot on books whose physical copies I own. So it was no surprise that this one sat on my shelves, collecting dust for more than a year. But when I finally read it, I absolutely adored it! πŸ™‚ I have to read The Whispering Skull soon!
Eon – I read this a while ago and forgot most of it but I do remember that I loved this one. I’m very excited to read Eona!
Code Name Verity – All the feels. Code Name Verity had been one of my unexpected favorites of this year, and I have an ebook of Rose Under Fire. I don’t know what I’m waiting for!
Grave Mercy – I ADORED Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph. I know I’m gonna start Mortal Heart soon.
The Bad Beginning – I’ve read the first four books of this series, and they are so fun! Can’t wait to read more about Violet, Klaus and Sunny πŸ˜€

5- Golden Finds (Unpopular Books You Loved)

You Are Mine – I received this one for review from the author, and I loved it! Janeal is amazing πŸ™‚ The Elf Girl – This one was also pretty good, without including the romance part.
The Espressologist – Ah. Sweet, cute, cliched, short read that’ll have you grinning.
The Testing – Even though it’s a bit similar to the Hunger Games, I quite liked it.

4- Books You Wish Were Movies/TV Shows

Cinder – Cinder, in my humble opinion, has the potential to be a great movie.
Inked – Inked was a pretty good read (review coming soon), and it would be a nice movie too. To see all those swirling tattoos, AAH! πŸ˜€
Deadgirl – With all of its action scenes, Deadgirl would be nice to watch.
When The Butterflies Came – This was a great MG read, and those butterflies would be sooo pretty to see on screen!

3 – Books You Never Finished

The Lies of Locke Lamora – Many of my friends have read this and raved about it. I found the starting of this book too slow and I had to stop reading it since there were so many review copies I had to get to. I’ll try this this again next year πŸ™‚
Insurgent – OH MY GOD. This was so boring. I loved Divergent a lot. I’ve tried to read Insurgent three times and failed. I don’t think I’ll be picking this one up anytime in the future.
To Kill A Mockingbird – This one also was too slow for me to continue. But I’ll definitely continue this next year when I get some free time! πŸ™‚

2 – Favorite Love Doves

Chaol and Celeana from Throne of Glass and Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy ❀

1 – Book You Wish You Would Have Gotten Around to Reading in 2014

Moon Dwellers has received many good reviews from my friends and I am seriously bummed that I couldn’t read it this year. I definitely hope to get to this next year!

So that, lovely bloglings, was the countdown survey. I had lots of fun doing this! Did you enjoy it?



18 thoughts on “Countdown Survey

  1. I’m excited for quite a few of the books that you have on your 2015 list! I actually have All the Bright Places preordered and I can’t wait until it comes πŸ™‚

    I really need to read the Grave Mercy books, I’ve heard such amazing things about that series, maybe I’ll be able to read them in 2015!

    Thanks for counting down with us!


  2. Yesss, read The Moon Dwellers! I was so pleasantly surprised by the entire series (and the sister series- it was just 7 books of awesome!) I’d say to read Insurgent, because I ended up liking it… but don’t even bother because Allegiant is like, 10 times more boring. I actually liked The Testing too (even amid the THG similarities) but then the series went downhill for me.

    I am excited for pretty much every 2015 book that you are! The only one I hadn’t heard of was Book Scavenger, but I am not huge on MG, so we’ll see. GREAT list, and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!


    • Yay! More Moon Dwellers love! I can’t wait to read it πŸ˜€ And yeah, heard Allegiant is not worth bothering 😦 I was really excited to read that whole series 😦
      Yeah, I recently read the second book of The Testing, and it wasn’t what I expected!

      I wasn’t huge on MG too, but some gems like Percy Jackson and When The Butterflies Came made me change my mind. Hope you better luck with MG next time and Happy New Year! πŸ™‚


  3. Ooooooh yes! Another Kasie West fan!! ❀ I love all West books and I am so excited for her upcoming book this 2015. I have The Moon Dwellers in my shelf and I am so pumped to read it this year! Yay for books ❀ Happy New Year! :'D


  4. The Moon Dwellers is definitely one of my favourites, as is Fire Country as well. Just adored both.

    I’m so excited about 2015 in YA books, I’m looking over so many incredible titles on your list and it was just so hard not to include them all this year, we’ve been so spoilt. My big tips for 2015 is All The Bright Places and Red Queen. Read them both late in 2014 and oh goodness, both are phenomenal! I can’t wait for you to grab a copy of those.

    Thanks for sharing Divya and happy new year ❀


  5. I AM SO EXCITED for pretty much ALL the releases this year. Like All The Bright Places, and ACOTAR and An Ember in the Ashes. SO MANY BOOKS.

    I also approve of ALL YOUR FAVORITES. I’m really glad to see that Mistborn and Cress made it haha. AND CODE NAME VERITY. That book, gah. So many feels.

    Hahahha I half wanted Dreams of Gods and Monsters to end, and half not wanted to. I mean she left the ending pretty open so MAYBE? I don’t know.

    Also countdown list Divya!!!


    • I know right?! All of them sound SO GOOD πŸ˜€

      Mistborn is quite underrated, isn’t it? I wish more people would read it ❀ And I LOVED Cress and Code Name Verity. Yeah, Verity almost killed me.

      Me too! I had been procrastinating for so long just by its sheer size. But I really liked the way it ended πŸ™‚


  6. I seriously love this countdown survey! I adored On the Fence as well–the book was so freaking adorable and the romance–aaaaah >.< I definitely agree with you there, Divya. CINDER NEEDS TO BECOME A MOVIE. It'll be fantastic, I'm sure of it.

    Happy New Year, girl! ❀


  7. Awk, this is a fabulous survey! And yes yes yessss to Throne of Glass. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE BOOK 4 NOW? I AM SUFFERING AFTER HEIR OF FIRE’S AWFUL CLIFFHANGER. It was just absolutely cruel. *cries forever for Dorian and Chaol*
    I’m really looking forward to A Court of Thorns and Roses and An Ember In the Ashes!!


  8. TOG, On the Fence, Cress, Heir of Fire – YES YES YES! So many great books in your list. I cannot wait to read the next books and Kasie West’s The Fill-In Boyfriend. I’m really excited for A Court of Thorns and Roses, All The Bright Places and Red Queen as well.

    EEEP. What a great post! And happy 2015! πŸ˜€


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