How I Became A Reader

So, I’ve just realized something, dear bloglings. From the day I’ve started this blog of mine, I haven’t posted a single discussion post. And I figured it’s high time I go ahead and write one. So without further ado, here’s presenting:

How I Became.jpg

When I was a kid, I used to be attached to my grandma’s hip. All day and all night, I used to be with her. I adored her and looked up to her more than anyone else. It was her, who told me my first story. Without listening to atleast two stories, I wouldn’t sleep at night. While telling me stories from Indian mythology and folklore, she also used to tell me stories of Disney princesses, especially Cinderella and Snow White. My favorite character was Gus from Cinderella when I was a kid 😄

She moved away to live with my uncle when I was six. When I went to visit her during my summer vacations, she gave me my first ever book, a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. That book enchanted me. It continues to be one of my favorite books till date.

My second book was Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. It was my cousin’s worn copy. Oh, I loved it so much! The ending had little me in tears. When I got back home, I didn’t read much again. I was too absorbed by playing and watching TV. I started reading again when I was 12, and this time, it was the Percy Jackson and the Olympians which brought me back to reading. When I went to the only bookstore in town, I was really confused as to which book I should buy, when a random girl walked up to me and said that The Lightning Thief was an awesome book, and that I should read it. I bought it, and it turned me into a full time bookworm. Since then, I have never stopped devouring books, and I never will! I haven’t seen the girl who recommended it to me again, so I never got around to thanking her. But whenever I see unsure readers lurking in the MG section, I always recommend The Lightning Thief to them!

PS: My grandmother is back with me now. 😄

Tell me lovelies, when did you start reading? And what was your first book?



4 thoughts on “How I Became A Reader

  1. Your grandma sounds so awesome! It was my mom that got me hooked on to reading. She used to read to me when I was small ALL THE TIME because lil’ Ruzi loved stories- bedtime, mealtimes, anytime :)) My first book was a Ladybird book- Dick Whittington. I read it so much that I had it all memorized back then, LOL. It started something like, “Dick has no mommy or daddy..” 😀 Then it was another Ladybird book, The Wind in the Willows. But what got me really addicted to reading even as a small kid was Enid Blyton. She. Is. The Best. She was my one favorite author till I discovered J. K. Rowling at age 13, and they will remain as my mostest favoritest authors FOREVER.

    Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques

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    • I first discovered Enid Blyton when I was reading in my school library in seventh grade, and have been a fan of her ever since 🙂 Aah, it’s so awesome that you still remember the first line! 😀 Your mom sounds so cool! My mum used to make up the most silliest stories when I asked her, and I used to listen to them too with rapt attention. A story’s a story I guess, no matter how silly 😛


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