#SBPT16 – The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag!


Hey guys! Today we’re starting the Summer Blogger Promo Tour, and first up on my blog is Dejah @ Legend Of Lost Books. She’s gonna be doing the Unpopular Opinions tag 🙂

So here’s what she has to say:

A Popular Book Or Series You Didn’t Like:

Harry Potter. Yeah I could fall asleep reading these books. I couldn’t seem to get past The Prisoner of Azkaban. I kept trying but it just wasn’t working. Also I wasn’t a fan of Illuminae. I had no clue what was happening and the formatting made everything seem disconnected.

A Popular Book Or Series That Everyone Seems To Hate But You Love:

I am going to say The Twilight Series. I feel like this is such a hated series because the movies were beyond terrible. However there was nothing wrong with the books. The characters were well written and I even liked Bella! I completely hate her in the movie.

A Love Triangle Where The Main Character Ended Up With The Person You Did Not Want Them To End Up With:

Katniss/Peeta/Gale OR Bella/Edward/Jacob. They make me mad when I think about them

A Popular Book Genre That You Hardly Reach For:

There are a bunch. Erotica, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction ( I will read this on occasion)

A Popular Or Beloved Character That You Do Not Like:

Clary Fray! That girl is annoying. There is no way my mind can be changed about this. She is selfish and makes decisions without thinking about how it affects other people. She is clueless and whiny and I just cant stand her at all!

A Popular Author That You Cant Seem To Get Into:

Colleen Hoover. I’m sure she writes amazing books but the romance genre just isn’t for me and after a while all her characters start to sound the same.

A Popular Book Trope You Are Tired Of Seeing:

Love triangles for sure. They happen so often and now they are becoming predictable. I want there to be a story where there are 2 girls involved or when the main character chooses neither of the options she is set up with. Or how awesome would a love triangle be with 3 guys??? Anything to make it less predictable.

A Popular Series You Have No Interest In Reading:

The Game Of Thrones. This doesn’t interest me in the least and the TV show is very boring. I tried to watch it but I realized I spent half the episode paying more attention to my phone so I just gave up.

What movie or T.V. show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

The Fault In Our Stars was pretty good. I don’t cry for many movies (like at all) but I think I remember crying for this one.

And that’s it! Thank you so much for the great post, Dejah!

Dejah is a 19 year old part time college student studying biology. She loves all things Disney and Marvel super heroes. Here favorite book genres are mystery/thriller and retellings of the Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland variety. If she isn’t reading, you can find her dancing and listening to music. Feel free to check her out at Legend Of Lost Books and follow her on twitter at Legend Of Books .



7 thoughts on “#SBPT16 – The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag!

  1. You should skip Prisoner of Azkaban then because for one reason: just about everyone agrees it is the least of the lot, and in my opinion all the best books are after POA. I set Illuminae aside, after I bought the hardcover because everyone was raving about it. When I said I was having trouble getting into it everyone said it takes about 250 pages to get good, and I was tginjing, WHAT?! It shouldn’t take that long for a book to get good. Ha ha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with some of these, Clary Fray for example, but others make me sad haha. I love Harry Potter and loved Illuminae too! I do agree about love triangles though, they’re really hard to get into now. Great post!


  3. NOOO, my Harry Potter heart hurts but alas–I will not force you into reading it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion (even if it hurts a little). I don’t read Erotica either! In fact, I hate reading ANY book with a half naked man on the front cover.. even though not all them are particularly Erotica. As for CoHo books, I used to be into her but her books are all the same to me and I’ve gotten tired of it /:

    Jess @ POB!


  4. Oh man. Clary makes me mad. just…no. No.
    I have to agree with a lot of this. Except Twilight. But I never read it…so my opinion is void. But harry potter isn’t bad… I just didn’t like it. I grew up with PJO and Disney channel. Not HP and BBC.


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